I should cocoa

  • I should cocoa

My Fairtrade Adventure is a new school resource helping children to understand global trade

If you want your class to know more about chocolate than whether a Wispa is better than a Bounty (hint – it is) then look ahead to Fairtrade Fortnight. A new teaching resource has been produced to let children at Key Stage 2 and 3 explore global trade and the impact of Fairtrade.

My Fairtrade Adventure will be available for use from 23 February-8 March in schools, and includes three short films for Key Stage 3 and one for Key Stage 2, and you can download it free at schools.fairtrade.org.uk/resources. Check out the trailer here.

It follows Tayna, a 13-year-old student from Enfield, London, as she visits cocoa farmers of Conacado, a Fairtrade co-operative in the Dominican Republic. Children can watch her learn what trade is, where the ingredients in her chocolate bar come from and why Fairtrade is needed.

Students can learn through Tayna’s experiences about the lives of cocoa farmers, their families and their communities behind the chocolate they buy in shops, and discuss what they can do to help make trade fair. You can use it to introduce Fairtrade either as a new topic, or to deepen the understanding of classes who have already begun learning about it.

Schools have been a big part of the Fairtrade movement. There are currently over 1,400 Fairtrade Schools in the UK, and that number continues to rise thanks to the support of dedicated teachers and students.

To download the films and classroom materials, or to find out more about how to become a Fairtrade School, visit schools.fairtrade.org.uk.

Pie Corbett