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Power Maths – A Child-Centred, ‘Can-Do’ Mastery Teaching Programme for KS1 and KS2

Power Maths – A Child-Centred, ‘Can-Do’ Mastery Teaching Programme for KS1 and KS2

Reviewed by: John Dabell

KS: KS1, KS2

Contact: Visit Website

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When schools teach healthy growth mindset mathematics, the outcome is that maths becomes deeper and is filled with more connections, so children enjoy it more and achieve at higher levels. This is the thinking behind an authoritative new teaching model from Pearson called Power Maths, a mastery inspired programme fuelled by a positive ‘I can’ attitude.

To model growth mindset behaviours, Power Maths cleverly uses a team of four child-friendly characters, each with their own unique positive skillset. These characters are there to help and provide children with plenty of practical pointers throughout.

Power Maths includes intellectually demanding and knowledge rich resources with world-class content, ideas and support that combine powerfully to reduce workload. Taking pride of place are rigorously designed, high quality textbooks that offer real curriculum coherence.

These are the backbone of the programme and are underpinned by well-grounded learning theory boasting a clear delineation of content, with a precise focus on key concepts and knowledge. They present coherent learning progressions and stimulate and support learner reflection.

Each lesson is divided into evidence-based sections that involve plenty of discovery, sharing, collaboration, practice and reflection. The practice books are superb for independent work and have been developed to expose misunderstandings.

Power Maths – A Child-Centred, ‘Can-Do’ Mastery Teaching Programme for KS1 and KS2

The teacher guides provide unparalleled backing for day-to-day teaching and explain how to support a mastery approach. Every lesson has a clear focus, detailing progression, how to strengthen understanding and what to do to help children go deeper.

There is specific advice and commentary for each book, along with advice about common misconceptions and intervention strategies. The guides are easily the best I have seen.

Power Maths impresses because it doesn’t dilute to taste. It concentrates on the nitty gritty and doesn’t sweep the correct language and terminology under the carpet. It is deliberately consistent and laser-sharp in its focus so that key vocabulary is learnt head-on, backed up with clear explanations.

A first-rate online toolkit completes the package, with eTextbooks, daily fluency activities, interactive teaching tools, subject-knowledge videos and end-of-unit support materials.

At a glance

  • An expert-led teaching model that focuses on depth and breadth
  • Embeds measured mastery through a growth mindset approach
  • Dependable, consistent and dynamic resources
  • Matches the NCETM quality criteria and approach to mastery

Upgrade if…

You are looking for an inclusive and positive maths programme to fertilise real growth by helping children ask lots of questions, take risks and be unafraid of failure.

Whole-school start-up from £3,997, click here to find out more.

Can-do maths

  • A deeper, slower teaching model that focuses on gradual growth
  • Sees maths as a learning rather than performance subject
  • Oils a can-do mindset and fuels mathematical confidence
  • Promotes dialogical teaching and learning by harnessing the power of talk
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