‘S!ng Sensational’ And ‘A King Is Born’ – Two Fun New Musical Masterpieces That Children Will Love

‘S!ng Sensational’ And ‘A King Is Born’ – Two Fun New Musical Masterpieces That Children Will Love

Reviewed by: John Dabell

KS: KS1, KS2

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If a school ain’t singing, then it ain’t swinging.

Singing oxygenates a school like nothing else, which is why it needs a top-quality resource like S!ng Sensational to help it breathe and hit the right note. This is a belting songbook collection that will fit more than one occasion and is ideal for a variety of contexts and performances.

This versatile resource comes with a teacher’s book which contains two brilliant double-page spreads of song information so you can see at a glance what you are getting. This details all you need to know, such as the title, author, song summary, age suitability, musical style, vocal range, key, musical elements and teaching tips. These helping hands are followed by three cracking vocal warm-ups and 16 colourful and lively songs, including the piano music score and song lyric sheets for each.

The songs are well-written and beautifully sung by children with professional backing tracks and are ideal for learning in assembly, a music lesson or for a fun singing session. There are songs with group singing, rounds, solos and optional harmony, so there is plenty to go at.

‘S!ng Sensational’ And ‘A King Is Born’ – Two Fun New Musical Masterpieces That Children Will Love

It might be only the beginning of term, but how many days is it until the nativity? Plan with purpose and get your nativity sorted early doors with A King Is Born. This is a life-saving resource that enables you to get organised and help you and your children pull off a polished performance to be proud of. It might be a traditional tale, but this is a new resource and is sure to breathe new life into your Christmas production.

The teacher’s book has it all, including a character list, curriculum links, ideas for staging and props, an easy-to-follow script and lyrics for seven joyous songs with piano music. The script is sensibly written – it doesn’t go over-the-top or off track but includes plenty of humour and keeps speaking parts on the small side.

The nativity is a tough nut to crack and do well, but the authors have combined to make A King Is Born an intelligent and faithful version, fed with humour and great songs that light up the room and have everyone glowing and smiling.

Children deserve the best and these two resources don’t disappoint. They are full of life, energy, spark and colour. They are resources that feed and nourish wellbeing and will put a spring in your step.

At a glance

  • S!ng Sensational is an effervescent collection of songs for concerts, choirs and assemblies
  • A King is Born is a charming new nativity musical for 3-6 year-olds
  • Both resources include a teacher’s book with audio CD, plus optional CD ROM

Upgrade if…

You want to enrich and expand children’s enjoyment of music with thought-provoking and entertaining resources that lift spirits sky high.

S!ng Sensational, Book & Audio CD, £24.95, Premium Pack, £42.95; A King Is Born, Book & Audio CD, £19.95, Premium Pack, £37.95
020 8481 7200,

Music to our ears

  • Teacher and child friendly and audience pleasing
  • Positive, energetic and life-affirming
  • Packed with exciting, memorable and dynamic songs that children can relate to
  • Expertly written, arranged and produced
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