The Astro Science Challenge

  • The Astro Science Challenge

The Astro Science Challenge is an interactive, space science adventure free to all UK schools, home educators and families, inspiring children aged 7-11 in STEM subjects. Launching 2 November 2015 for six weeks only.

For more information on the project including how to take part visit:

The Astro Science Challenge is a unique STEM engagement project delivered by the award winning Unlimited Space Agency in partnership with some of the UK’s most brilliant science organisations including the Science Museum, the Royal Observatory, the British Association of Science, the Met Office, the British Science Association and the UK and European Space Agencies.

Thanks to generous support from our funders the project is FREE for all UK schools, educators and families to take part.

Designed to inspire children aged 7-11 in science, the adventure runs for six weeks during Autumn half term 2015 to coincide with British astronaut Tim Peake’s historic mission to the International Space Station.  Each week a new, curriculum linked, science-based ‘mission’ is released online for pupils to complete.  Topics include Astronomy, Newtons Law of Gravity, Space Weather, Coding, Healthy living, each one designed by one of our science partners.

Each mission directly references the real science that Tim will be doing in space and can be completed in three lessons (one Science, one Literacy, one Maths) with free lesson plans and presentation materials available. On completion of each mission, pupils will be awarded an open badge endorsed by the relevant project partner.

The whole project is delivered for free through the safe, secure and award winning online platform for schools Makewaves.  By completing all the missions children also qualify for the British Science Association’s CREST Superstar award.

For more information on the project including how to take part visit:

“The Unlimited Space Agency is great. Their approach to inspiring children about science is rigorous, fun and it works! I’m proud to serve with them on their mission to inspire the next generation of scientists and space explorers.”
Tim Peake, astronaut and patron of the Unlimited Space Agency

Pie Corbett