The Best Way To Keep Kids Fit & Healthy At School?

  • The Best Way To Keep Kids Fit & Healthy At School?

Sovereign Play shares their tips

The Best Way To Keep Kids Fit & Healthy At School?

When children aren’t at school, it’s down to parents and carers to keep their children fit and healthy, encouraging them to stay active as much as possible in various different ways. While children are at school however, it’s down to the teachers to share that responsibility. Teachers and schools are now expected to get children to enjoy at least 60 minutes of activity every single school day, and by activity, we mean rigorous physical activity.

While 60 minutes of rigorous exercise may sound like a great deal to fit in, it’s actually easier than most realise, especially within early years settings as a great deal of learning can be carried out, outdoors utilising Early Years Foundation Stage playground equipment. Throw in PE sessions during junior and secondary years as well as morning and afternoon breaks, and it’s actually much easier to encourage young ones to stay active, than most realise.

To make it even easier, here are just a few tips to help you incorporate more activity and exercise during the day for children at school, whether they’re in an early years setting or even secondary school.

Active Playtimes

Pupils, no matter what ages, need plenty of opportunities for active playtime. Not only does it allow them to clock up that vital active time but it also helps them expend energy that may otherwise find itself escaping in less than productive ways in class. A great way to do this is through the use of playground equipment. Depending on the ages you’re focusing on, you can look at Early Years play equipment from the likes of Sovereign Early Years, or if you’re looking at older children, perhaps of junior or secondary school age, you may consider the likes of Sovereign Play who supply playground equipment for children of an older age. By providing young ones with the necessary playground equipment, you’re giving them the opportunity to be as active as possible during break and playtimes.

Another great way to encourage young ones to move around when on break time is to place playground game markings within their break area. This can encourage a great amount of activities without the need for large playground equipment. Ideal for those with limited space as well as areas away from playground equipment. Playground Game Markings offer a great range of thermoplastic playground markings, from educational games, board games and even characters.

Stand Up Assemblies

Assemblies are more often than not a sedate affair and yet another opportunity for little ones to sit and remain in that position for a prolonged period. By asking children to stand during assemblies however, it ensures they remain active during the assembly and as an added bonus, can sometimes keep them more engaged. It may even be possible to carry out a movement of the day during that assembly too.

Active Competitions

Competitions, with the possibility of winning big, will always get kids involved and engaged. By making entry requirements some form of activity, you’ll naturally encourage them to get up and start moving. Perhaps you can utilise your playground game markings in some form - whether that’s a hopscotch competition or something even more adventurous is your choice.

Outdoor Learning

With the weather on our side, it’s much easier to get out and about when it comes to learning, especially for the younger years who’ll benefit more from playground equipment in terms of their physical and emotional development. At Sovereign Early Years, they provide playground equipment that can help with active, outdoor learning such as reading benches and other playground equipment that gets children outside in the fresh air. A great example from their range, to encourage activity through outdoor learning, is their octagonal planter that will teach children about nature, plants and so much more, while keeping them on their feet and moving around.

Want To Up Your ‘Active’ Game?

Whether you’re looking to up your activity throughout the day or simply want to encourage more active break times, Sovereign Early Years and Sovereign Play can all help by providing high quality, durable playground equipment. For more information, we recommend speaking with their teams to discuss playground design and how you can incorporate their equipment within your desired budget.


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