Teach Handwriting Scheme

  • Teach Handwriting Scheme

A whole-school approach to preparing children for handwriting, learning to handwrite and refining handwriting skills...

At a glance

  • Fully differentiated whole school handwriting teaching scheme
  • Develops key strengths and key abilities from Foundation Stage to the end of KS2
  • Teaches letter formation in groups/families rather than in alphabetical order
  • USB memory stick packed with resources
  • Hugely supportive free website with animations, downloadable worksheets, tips, advice and handwriting solutions

Teach Children has come up with a classy scheme for handwriting that supports pupils of all abilities through a systematic and differentiated set of impressive resources.

Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and KS2 each have their own dedicated teaching manuals packed solid with high-quality materials that leave no stone unturned.

This is a scheme with a difference because it provides timetables for four teaching routes and four letter versions.

Each route provides a highly structured, discrete teaching approach with children’s developmental needs at the core.

The scheme offers termly timetables that are organised into six-week blocks and these meticulously detail the key gross and fine motor skills and the key knowledge abilities.

What follows is a decidedly thorough and comprehensive set of creative notes that include brilliantly thought-out games and activities with easy-to-follow instructions.

At the beginning of each section there are clear and copious notes that provide intelligent insights, general lesson information, follow-up suggestions and SEN ideas.

Each of the lessons are colour-coded and delightfully methodical with step-by-step plans that can be followed to the letter or adapted accordingly.

Everything is there, including the aims, objectives, resources, what to do and plenaries. All abilities are catered for.

Also in the manuals you will find word lists, excellent assessment resources and guidance along with activity intervention ideas.

Backing all this up is an arsenal of supporting materials. There are prompt cards for capital letters, numbers, pre-handwriting patterns and lower-case letters.

The USB stick is well stocked with over 1,000 differentiated worksheets, different paper styles, alphabet friezes, crib sheets for letter formation and posters.

If that’s not enough to get excited about, each school gets its own animation channel for showing letter and join video animations which are fun, engaging and educational. Animation channels can be personalised with the school logo.

Teach Handwriting contains literally everything you need to teach, support and inspire children learning handwriting. It promotes handwriting as a vital skill and provides fun and engaging ways to help children gain confidence in writing by hand.

The teaching of handwriting right at an early stage is crucial so that by secondary school, children are able to focus on other skills. Teach Handwriting gives you all the tools you need to make handwriting high profile as a significant element of literacy in its own right.

Teach Handwriting is a consistent and dynamic scheme that offers amazing choice and superb supporting resources.


  • Practical, fun and robust resources
  • Promotes automaticity
  • Supports physical coordination, rhythm, stamina and posture
  • Teaches resilience, creativity and the ability to interact socially
  • Raises awareness about the important role handwriting has to play in learning and development
  • Perfect as a professional development tool kit and for creating home-school links

Upgrade if…

You are looking for the most comprehensive set of resources dedicated to handwriting, crafted and created with passion, expertise and flair.

FS is priced at £275, KS1 £225 and KS2 £200. Find out more at teachhandwriting.co.uk.

Reviewed by John Dabell

Pie Corbett