Striver by 2Simple Review

  • Striver by 2Simple Review
  • Striver by 2Simple Review
  • Striver by 2Simple Review
  • Striver by 2Simple Review
  • Striver by 2Simple Review
  • Striver by 2Simple Review

Comprehensive Units of Work for PE and Wellbeing

At a glance

  • Hundreds of detailed lessons written by specialists
  • Unique ‘Skill Development Activities’ to fuel a growth mindset
  • Whole school calendar function for improved organisation
  • A classy platform to manage your PE provision

Striver has been created to improve primary aged pupils’ long-term physical and mental wellbeing. The Striver platform includes comprehensive units of work all in one convenient place.

An impressive collection of expert-created lesson plans go into terrific detail, with simple-to-follow steps, supporting diagrams and photos, brilliant demo videos and other teaching resources.

The lessons are comprehensive and come with teaching tips, objectives, success criteria, key vocabulary, warm-up activities, main activities and cool downs. They have all been tried and tested and written by experienced professionals who know their stuff.

Key teaching points and teaching notes are clearly indicated and opportunities to develop and extend pupil talk are flagged up alongside ideas for further challenges.

Striver contains a whopping 71 PE units with over 400 lessons covering a range of sports and activities. But it goes further by also including 36 wellbeing units that cover mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, sleep, personal care and teamwork.

Every PE unit includes ‘Skill Development Activities’, which enable children to experience a meaningful sense of improvement, so they can join the dots and feel good about PE and themselves.

Its philosophy is about teaching children to better themselves rather than worry about what others are doing. It focuses on children being triers and grafters by setting and beating their personal best scores, and rewards improvements by giving a Hard Worker Award.

For assessing pupils, Striver is configured so you can use your tablet to make judgements with just one touch, and the system is all geared up for generating impressive reports for instant overviews.

This quick entry capability means you can track and compare pupil types easily and you can select your own assessment terminology.

This is therefore an assessment system par excellence that can be used for planning, teaching, analysing, and reflecting on meaningful participation, strengths and development points.

This is an entire PE curriculum that goes all out to improve physical and mental literacy and it really sets the bar high to help children become expert learners. It starts with the child and ends with the child and puts the E in PE.

For PE coordinators, this resource has everything you need to support and develop activity and wellbeing across the whole school community. It is very easy for non-specialists to use and ideal for getting their confidence up.

The platform is uncluttered, self-directing and simple to navigate, with bags of ideas and teaching tips.


  • Supports inclusive practice
  • Ensures children of all abilities feel motivated and engaged
  • Powerfully feeds into pupil health, happiness, resilience, identity and self-worth
  • Assign units with ease
  • Empowers assessment of learning
  • Encourages a motivational culture
  • Promotes a lifelong engagement in physical and mental activity

Upgrade if…

You are looking for a lively PE scheme of work crammed with rigorous resources with active assessment at its heart to significantly optimise children’s physical and wellbeing.

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Reviewed by John Dabell

Pie Corbett