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  • ReallySchool by NetSupport

Capture and record learning and development from EYFS to KS2...

What is it?

Low-cost, secure and easy to use, ReallySchool is an award-winning app for tablets/desktops that helps teachers/TAs to complete their daily tasks quickly and effectively. From creating observations, linking learning to assessment, monitoring progress, identifying learning gaps – and more! It also supports parental engagement and the continuation of learning at home.

Designed with teachers, for teachers, ReallySchool helps streamline the process of capturing student learning and development.

Designed in the style of a social media app, ReallySchool is easy to use – with no training required.

Now, photographs of skills acquisition can be taken and stored directly into an online log for each child without having to print them and stick them into journals – a huge cost and time saver.

Written or voice notes can be added to observations, and videos can be recorded to evidence their assessments. To encourage parental engagement, these can be shared (via a parent app) and teachers can also send out home learning activities – plus parents can share learning and development taking place at home.

Crucially, ReallySchool includes a built-in list of all UK current assessment criteria, so staff can apply them to observations with ease.

Recording whether activities are child-initiated or include students from other classes for group work can also be done on the fly.

In the app’s desktop portal, teachers can easily see the learning gaps to focus on, access a range of class and student reports – as well as create a wide range of reports for whole-school insights.

ReallySchool won Gold in the 2019 Nursery World Awards and was a finalist in the 2020 e-Assessment and BETT Awards.

Need to Know

  • ReallySchool saves teachers at least two hours daily, by enabling them to quickly complete regular tasks, such as creating observations, linking learning to assessment, monitoring progress and communicating with parents.
  • ReallySchool includes a parent app to support parental engagement. Parents can check up on their child’s learning, reply to teachers’ comments and add their own observations from home.
  • ReallySchool helps teachers spot individuals’ attainment and progress at a glance, identify knowledge gaps and where additional support is needed - helping them give tailored, high-quality support to pupils.

“Easy-to-use, we get the whole picture of each child’s progress – observations are more comprehensive and better quality than before.”

Dogsthorpe Infant School


Pie Corbett