Sparkling new nativities from Out of the Ark Music

  • Sparkling new nativities from Out of the Ark Music
  • Sparkling new nativities from Out of the Ark Music
  • Sparkling new nativities from Out of the Ark Music
  • Sparkling new nativities from Out of the Ark Music


Out of the Ark nativities have a special quality that make them great fun to perform, easy-to-stage and hugely enjoyable to watch. 
Their wide and wonderful selection offers everything from the traditional telling of the story, right through to more modern adaptations that include line-dancing sheep and accident-prone angels!  The one thing they all have in common?  The Christmas message is right at the heart of every production.

Two brand new nativities have just been released to perform this Christmas. 

A Miracle In Town by Niki Davies is a joyful retelling of the traditional nativity story for 3 – 6 year olds.
We’re going to tell you a wonderful story. It is the story of the very first Christmas. Jesus, the Son of God, is born in Bethlehem, in a stable under a star – a wonderful miracle that would change the world forever.

Together with the 8 sparklingly catchy songs and a script that is easy to learn and perform, we’ve also included some fabulous percussion ideas that give the opportunity to add musical highlights to the songs and script and will certainly give your performance extra zing!

PRICE:  From £19.95

Straw & Order  by Gaynor Boddy and Rebecca Kincaid is a new children’s nativity including 8 songs, with an amazing, fun twist on the original Christmas story. 
Works as a whole school production (ages 5 – 11) , but for smaller productions most suited to years 3 and 4.

In a courtroom in the middle of Bethlehem…  The cows feel pushed out of their stable and they want it back! The donkeys, accused of having invited over a whole host of people, including a baby, deny all charges.  Fed up by their petty squabbles and confused by the nature of the case, Judge Grumps is far from happy. Seeing this, the narrator offers to take him out of the courtroom to witness the night’s events firsthand. 

As the judge encounters bickering innkeepers, self-important wise men, cool shepherds, some dancing sheep and a spectacular angel choir, everything starts to become clear. Rushing to the stable, the judge is humbled by the sight of Jesus and when he and all the characters experience the peace and love that this special baby has brought in to the world, it seems that the judge’s verdict is inevitable

PRICE:  From £22.95

Both titles are available with Words on Screen™ v2 CD ROMs allowing you to display song lyrics on any whiteboard, computer screen, television or interactive touchscreen. The lyrics synchronize with the music as it plays making songs easy to teach and easy to learn!

Words on Screen™ v2 CD ROM available with:

• Words on Screen™ v2 versions of
• Extractable MP3s, printable lyrics, scores, scripts & additional resources
• Enhanced operation features including ‘double-click’ to hear and teach a single line

PLUS Words on Screen™ Online with:

• An online copy of your product to stream or download on-the-go
• Flexibility to create an expandable library of Words on Screen™ v2 song collections, nativities and musicals in your Out of the Ark online account
• All the features of your Words on Screen™ v2 CD ROM

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Pie Corbett