How a Classroom Loft can Open Up Imaginative Learning and Play for your Students

  • How a Classroom Loft can Open Up Imaginative Learning and Play for your Students

Our classrooms have encountered many changes over the years.

We have modern new buildings, changes in teaching style and the incorporation of a more holistic approach to learning – but what remains stamped through education (like the writing through a stick of summer holiday rock) is that children need time and space to be creative, imaginative, active and just have fun.

In today’s crowded classrooms it can be hard to give children the versatile space they need to create, play and socialise, which is why leading school equipment provider Educational Play has developed the classroom loft to bring an extra dimension to inner-classroom learning and play.

What they’ll love

In recent years we’ve moved away from traditional desk-based learning and begun to explore more hands-on development opportunities with our children. Classroom lofts bring a whole new level to the classroom experience; making it possible for play up-high, role play and invention to happen within the controlled confines of the school building.

Children love the thrill of clambering the loft stairs to discover the delights that await them at the top, and Educational Play offers a large range of designs which can be completed to fit most classroom requirements. A loft platform could be the deck of a pirate ship, a tall castle tower or a high jungle canopy – perfect for storytelling and imaginative play!

The addition of extra learning space to the classroom brings the unexpected benefits of new places for hide and seek, a space for treasured artwork to be displayed and a great aerial view of the classroom!

What they’ll learn

Children are inherent risk takers, even in today’s health-and-safety aware society, so it’s important to ensure that our youngsters are given the space and freedom to develop their core skills in a safe environment. The use of a loft in the classroom brings with it great new opportunities for social play and learning.

As well as adding extra storage and visual interest to an unused classroom corner, classroom lofts are designed to present new challenges to help children develop their gross motor skills and spacial awareness while learning.

The versatile shape also means that it’s great for role-play style lessons – which encourage the growth and development of vital social and communication skills, creativity and the ability to share play with others.

Keeping children safe while they learn is a top priority in the classroom so it’s important to make sure that all play equipment meets current European guidelines and is regularly checked for wear. Designer Educational Play also offers an annual maintenance visit by a DBS-checked, ROSPA-qualified technician to add peace of mind to the classroom fun.

What is Educational Play?

The importance of play in education has become increasingly more prominent in recent years, and family-run company Educational Play wholeheartedly welcomes and supports all research that improves a child’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Educational Play has been supplying schools and nurseries with high-quality wooden play equipment for over two decades. During this time the company has provided thousands of children with safe and exciting places to play, learn and grow; while regularly reviewing and updating its product ranges to adhere to the requirements of the national curriculum and support the core skills of early years development.

Each project from Educational Play is handbuilt by experienced craftspeople and installed by a DBS-certified team. As each structure is built by hand, the company can offer many bespoke options to ensure the equipment is 100% right for its new school environment while complying to all European safety regulations.

To find out more about Educational Play head to and @EducationPlay.

Pie Corbett