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Easi-Walker by TTS

Easi-Walker by TTS

Posted: 01 Aug 2012

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Let your class monitor their every footstep...

The Easi-Waker, developed by TTS, is a unique set of six pedometers that allows children to monitor their physical activity throughout the day and record the data using the Easi-Walker software. This is a great way for children to take responsibility for recording their own data and is an ideal introduction to data logging.

The Easi-Walker pedometers are robust, simple for children to use and steps can be logged for up to 9 different activities, e.g. walking to school, playing sport or during break time allowing children to record data throughout their day. The pedometer can be placed in a pocket, clipped to clothing or strapped to your wrist so it stays secure.

Once the pedometers are placed in the docking station, data is uploaded to a PC via USB connection. The software then enables children to compare their own data with others in the class and to create tables and charts for analysis. The software is easy to use and designed predominantly for Key Stage 1 and 2.

Easi-Walker is a useful tool to engage children in a variety of subjects including Science, P.E. and Maths and could even be used for events such as school sports day and Walk to School Week

The Easi-Walker is fully rechargeable (no batteries required) and costs £139.95 excluding VAT (for a set of six).

To find out more, call 0800 318 686, or visit to watch a video and download the software for trial.

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