Hari’s World – Teaching children about Safety Awareness in fun, exciting and imaginative ways!

  • Hari’s World – Teaching children about Safety Awareness in fun, exciting and imaginative ways!

Around the globe millions of children suffer accidental injury each year.

Many accidents can be avoided if children are equipped with the basic skills required to identify and avoid hazards.

Through an imaginative blend of humour and role play Hari’s World brings adventures to life for children, and delivers the positive message: ‘enjoy the freedom of play but… play safe and not sorry’.

Beautifully illustrated, Hari’s bright and colourful series of books, Safety Sacks and resources allows teachers and parents to effortlessly engage children with easy story lines that are packed with fun, adventure and humour.


Accompanied by a cast of lovable soft toy characters each Safety Sack is filled with books, soft toys, games, puzzles, activity boards, activity guide and a parent/teacher guide all specifically designed to bring to life the stories and instil in children Hari’s Safety Awareness messages.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy all three SafetySacks for £175 and receive 25 first edition books free!

Oops Hari SafetySack, Hari at Home SafetySack and Hari at the Beach SafetySack can all be bought individually, prices start from £50.

You can also buy Hari’s books and bring them to life with soft toys too!

Join Hari and Moe on a fun-filled adventure providing primary teachers with a means of bringing the safety component of the schools curriculum to life for children.

Hari, Moe, Max and Sting are all available to purchase as soft toys, hand puppets and finger puppets.

Click here to view all of Hari’s Books – prices start from £6.99
Click here to view Hari and friends – prices start from £3.99

Feel free to download materials and have fun with children spotting hazards, playing games and colouring in scenes from the Hari books.

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