Bring their love of nature to life

  • Bring their love of nature to life

My True Nature is an exciting creative competition for young people.

To celebrate 50 years of WWF, we’re asking 7-16 year olds across the UK to share their love of nature. We want them to capture and bring their experiences to life through a range of creative media.

By encouraging young people to recognise what’s important to them in nature – whether far away or close to home – we hope to motivate them to help safeguard our beautiful planet.

Your pupils’ connection with nature – their ‘true nature’ –  may be a favourite wild animal, a park or woodland where they play, the raw power of the elements, or the beauty of the changing seasons. Experiences may be stimulated by outdoor activities, such as camping, playing sport or simply walking their dog. Or they may be triggered by more obscure encounters, such as a flowering weed breaking through a city pavement or a majestic police horse commanding a busy football crowd.

Whatever the case, we want young people to bring their experiences to life through a range of creative media - film and photography, sound and music, art, the written word and movement. Our favourite 50 entries will be exhibited at a special WWF anniversary event in November, and the winning creators will be joining us!

Pie Corbett