T3 Pingpong Competition Winner

Parkfield Primary School in Hendon, London is the proud new owner of a T3 SuperMini table through the Teach Primary competition.

‘The kids reaction to the table was fantastic! I couldn’t keep them away, they all wanted to pick up and bat and play. What’s seems to be so great about T3 is that is no barrier for children of any age or ability. Even the teachers wanted a go!’ - Claire Henderson, teacher at Parkfield Primary.
The SuperMini table, which is specifically designed for 3 – 7 year olds, will become the focal point to a brand new lunchtime T3 Ping Pong Club at Parkfield Primary headed by the school’s table tennis coach. The club has been designed to encourage pupils to enjoy and learn how to play 3-a-side ping pong.
The Year 2 pupils at Parkfield Primary were the first to test out the table when it was delivered on Tuesday and after an initial whirlwind of ping pong madness, when encouraged to, the children found it easy to focus on hitting the ball and the game began to click.
Want to get your school in on the 3-a-side action, visit www.t3pingpong.com for more information.

Pie Corbett