Have your say on children’s mental health

Your views on mental health support in schools, challenges and possible solutions are needed

The UCL, the Anna Freud Centre and the University of Exeter have launched the first national consultation on how schools and mental health services can work together better. The aim is to collect information from school staff on what mental health support schools currently offer, what the key challenges are and what possible solutions might be, with the findings being used to influence policy and commissioning.

The survey is available at annafreud.org and there is still almost two weeks left to get your voice heard.

We want to hear what mental health support your school currently offers, what the key challenges are and what possible solutions might be.

Current government policy, as laid out in the Future in Mind report (2015), emphasises the role of schools in supporting mental health with a vision of greater interagency collaboration underpinning this. The aim of this consultation is to ensure that schools and child and adolescent mental health service providers can work together to support children’s and young people’s mental health as effectively as possible.

The closing date of the consultation is the 13 July and the results will be presented and debated at a free national event on the 28 July in central London. The summary of findings will be used to inform NHS CAMHS commissioning guidance.

You can find out more and register to attend the event here.

Pie Corbett