When walking increases our problems decrease.

  • When walking increases our problems decrease.

Free. Easy. Sociable. Walking is good for our health and the environment. It’s a no brainer.

Walk To School

When walking increases our problems decrease.

Free. Easy. Sociable. Walking is good for our health and the environment. It’s a no brainer.

Yet walking to school rates are in serious decline. For the first time in 2012, the year London hosted the Olympics, more children were driven to school than walked.

One in three children now leaves primary school obese or overweight. 80 per cent of boys and 85 per cent of girls fail to meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise per day.

Walking to and from school is a simple solution to getting our children more physically active.

And when children are active they are more alert and ready to learn. They do better in tests and achieve better grades than children who are driven to school.

Walk to school with Living Streets

At Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, we believe that a walking nation means progress for everyone. Our ambition is to get people of all generations to enjoy the benefits that this simple act brings.

Our groundbreaking Walk to School campaign has been going for 20 years and encourages millions of families to walk each year. Schools can take part in week, month or year round schemes which are proven to increase walking rates by up to 26%.

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Walk once a Week (WoW)

WoW is our flagship scheme which takes place across the whole year. WoW rewards children who walk to school at least once a week with collectable badges. The 11 badges, with a different theme for each month of the academic year, are designed by pupils in our annual badge design completion and are made from recycled yoghurt pots.

Three Badges

The scheme is supported by our online and interactive monitoring tool called the Travel Tracker and our Walk to School app which uses 3D content to explore that month’s theme.

Free learning resources

Each month we put together free curriculum based activities to help pupils learn about different aspects of the world we live in based on the WoW theme. The classroom lesson plans cover both KS1/P1-4 and KS2/P5-7.

Download learning resources – here

Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week is an annual week-long walking challenge, which takes place during Living Streets’ National Walking Month each May. With a different theme each year, the challenge is a great way to celebrate walking and can be a stepping stone to year-round activity. Last year, over 13,000 classes took part, that’s approximately 400,000 children walking to school.

Join our campaign

Take part in something great. Together we can make a lasting difference to our children, our local environment and our wider community.

Progress starts here: one street, one school, one step at a time.

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