Transforming Education in Rwanda

  • Transforming Education in Rwanda
  • Transforming Education in Rwanda
  • Transforming Education in Rwanda
  • Transforming Education in Rwanda

How many education volunteers does it take to teach one million children?

Two VSO volunteers trained 2,500 teacher trainers, who went on to teach 11,000 teachers, who have subsequently taught one million children. We call this the ‘ripple effect’.

The answer is two.

VSO is the world’s leading international development charity that works through volunteers to fight poverty. Since 1958, we’ve sent 44,000 international volunteers to over 90 countries. The way we work is unique. We passionately believe that sustainable change is only possible when people are brought together to share their skills and knowledge in a coordinated way. The legacy of skills is then shared with other, increasing reach and enabling the ‘ripple effect’.

VSO run education programmes in Africa, Asia and the Pacific; each programme uniquely designed with country offices to meet their specific needs. Our education roles work alongside local colleagues, to help them develop their skills and capabilities. It could mean helping teachers working in cluster schools to build their confidence in the classroom. Or it could mean working with education authorities on curriculum development and school management.

In September 2013, VSO is launching a renewed programme in Rwanda, working alongside the Rwandan Government and other aid agencies to transform the quality of education.  Following the 1994 genocide, VSO has supported the Rwandan government in rebuilding its education system with the aim of achieving quality basic education for all. In that time, great progress has been made to levels of access and participation in education, with 95% attendance rates in 2010. Yet, despite the increased access and participation, significant quality issues remain.

Building on our existing work in Rwanda, VSO is looking for education professionals to cause a ‘ripple effect’ that will achieve free quality education for all.  We need experienced primary teachers, head teachers, school leaders, curriculum managers, special needs and literacy/language specialists to fill a range of volunteer roles that will share their skills with fellow teachers and school leaders, leaving a legacy of skills that transform the lives of millions of children.

If this sound like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, why not join us. You’ll develop new skills, make new friends – and most importantly - make a lasting difference to the education system of Rwanda. Please visit our website to learn more about the roles and start your application.

Pie Corbett