Supporting teachers with free Sumdog access during school closures

  • Supporting teachers with free Sumdog access during school closures

Teachers are facing a time of unprecedented challenge

Teachers are facing a time of unprecedented challenge. The rapidly evolving response to coronavirus COVID-19 creates a remarkably uncertain landscape for the educational community and Sumdog is committed to supporting teachers, parents and students, during this time.

Sumdog was founded with a commitment to help bridge the attainment gap and ensure no child was left behind. That mission has never seemed more important. To support schools, Sumdog is providing free access to the whole platform, including all premium subscription features, for any school impacted by closures.

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Sumdog is itself a company driven by parents, teachers and other professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that educational attainment can be supported even in these most challenging circumstances.

Differentiated practice forms the foundation of Sumdog’s offer, ensuring that individualised and personalised learning can be delivered either at home or at school. Its remote learning platform, already used by thousands of schools across the UK, provides that much-needed continuity and certainty for pupils at a time of disruption.

The Sumdog platform offers fun, game-based learning for children ages 5-14. Its personalised maths and spelling practice is delivered through 27 unique games, providing a vital home-learning opportunity that keeps children engaged.

Free access during school closures will include all subscription features on Sumdog:

5 ways to support home learning with Sumdog

Sumdog is designed to offer learning support regardless of where students, or indeed teachers, might be. Sumdog’s games are founded on the principle of making learning fun, so that kids love to learn.

Here are five ways that Sumdog can help during school closures:

1 | Supporting new and reinforced learning

The Sumdog platform is designed to consolidate and reinforce existing learning, as well as introduce new topics. Regular, varied, and engaging practice is the foundation of maths and reading fluency.

A focus on familiar learning offers a valuable reassurance for children at a time of disruption. Khan Academy tutorials provide instructional videos at the end of each game, helping pupils tackle particularly tricky skills.

2 | Adaptive learning

Sumdog’s adaptive maths and reading practice ensures every child is working at the appropriate level for them. It can be accessed on a browser, or through Sumdog apps available on iPad and iPhone, Android or Kindle.

Sumdog rewards children for both effort and achievement, providing fun and engaging practice that promotes educational attainment. This gamified learning experience is a powerful opportunity to motivate children to learn at home and offers a positive use of their screen time.

3 | Real-time reporting

Teachers enjoy powerful real-time reporting that provides individualised insight on pupil performance, enabling you to target intervention accordingly. You can set work for classes remotely, choosing specific skills practice for individual pupils.

Teachers can attend a free webinar, providing a simple 15-minute guide to the key distance learning features on Sumdog.

4 | Confidence in competition

Its adaptive learning engine ensures questions are personalised and posed at a level suitable for each individual pupil. That ensures that children with less-advanced skills can compete on a fair playing field against those with more advanced proficiency through Sumdog competitions.

Sumdog competitions offer the perfect opportunity to provide a reassuring digital way for children to interact while building confidence and reinforcing maths fluency. You can set up your own competition or even enter your class into Sumdog’s Easter National Contest to encourage engagement during the period of school closures.

5 | Making the most of MTC

The Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) was due for rollout in England in June 2020. Given recent announcements about the cancellation of SATs, it is extremely unlikely that the MTC will progress as planned. Yet the fundamental skills it was designed to promote remain a key element of foundational maths learning.

Times tables practice is an integral part of Sumdog, and is designed to create an environment that encourages children to learn while building essential understanding. Sumdog is now offering a free Multiplication Tables Check tool, accessible online or through the app.

In uncertain times, continuity of education is more important than ever. Sumdog provides a platform designed to enable learning regardless of whether a pupil is at school or at home. The company is committed to supporting teachers and students through this uncertain time to help all children succeed.

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