• SMASH Maths

Online primary maths programme where students revisit every area of the maths curriculum every week

At a glance

  • Comprehensive maths offer that builds on learning online
  • Designed and written by highly accredited maths specialists
  • Spiral curriculum approach builds toward long-term mastery
  • Aligned with White Rose
  • Free for all pupils in all primary schools

SMASH Maths is an online maths platform that has been created with a simple, clear premise: all students should be able to achieve their best in maths, irrespective of gender, ability, ethnicity or social background.

The platform promotes maths progression through sequenced learning that is interactive and encourages, enhances and promotes confidence in problem solving.

At the core of the concept lies the SMASH Maths spiral curriculum. Unlike other online maths offerings, learners visit all six areas of the maths curriculum every week to improve learning retention.

By frequently revisiting and practising topics, learners theoretically retain more information.

SMASH Maths works by countering the effect of the forgetting curve, helping learners to build confidence in a number of topics simultaneously. The topical content is designed and written by maths educational experts Sarah-Anne Fernandes and Trevor Dixon.

Every SMASH Maths online practice task is bespoke and designed specifically for the course. Dixon and Fernandes have a unique breadth of experience and their pedigree is evident when you look at the technical aspects of the course content.

Some other maths products teach by topic, meaning children rarely revisit what they have learnt and soon forget.

In contrast, SMASH Maths utilises spaced repetition to ask questions that are based on current year group curriculum content but also content learnt previously.

SMASH Maths sends online interactive practice questions straight to teachers’ inboxes. This directed model means teachers don’t need to select the topics to learn or worry about what to prepare for key assessments.

All questions are aligned with national SATs questions to prepare children for these key assessments.

In addition, bespoke additions are available to cover exam practice for 7-plus and 11-plus exams.

What impresses me most about SMASH Maths is the pedagogical approach after the maths has been done. If a question is answered incorrectly, feedback provides step-by-step written and video guidance to enable children to learn how to solve the question.

As well as guiding learners to develop key skills, SMASH Maths builds on conceptual aspects of maths. Key vocabulary and definitions are provided to rapidly improve maths literacy.

Clear definitions are provided in the feedback to help students untangle the mathematical language.

SMASH Maths is designed to develop problem-solving and reasoning, and it does exactly that. The programme uses a variety of problems to build confidence and resilience.

SMASH Maths deepens students’ understanding of the maths curriculum and helps them master year group content.


  • Exceptional breadth and depth of content
  • Engaging content throughout
  • Helpful directed feedback to overcome misconceptions
  • Excellent maths language used throughout
  • Free for all pupils in primary schools (Ready to Progress Assessments and Weekly Spiral Practices)

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Reviewed by Adam Riches

Pie Corbett