Pens that go on and on and on….

  • Pens that go on and on and on….

Looking for a long lasting, quality pen to bring out creativity in your pupils?

The Berol by PaperMate range of colouring and writing pens has outstanding performance that we’re really proud of. 

Our tests have shown that:

  • Handwriting Pen has a write out length of 2,162 metres
  • Colour Fine Felt Pen lasts for over 1,000 metres
  • Colour Broad Felt Pen colouring for 450 metres

Not only does that mean that Berol by PaperMate pens keep writing longer before drying up, it also means a lot more exciting adventures are at the tip of your pen!

For more information about Berol by PaperMate visit our website or join in the fun at our face book page BerolCreativeClubUK

Pie Corbett