Make your own FIMO® Fairy Garden

  • Make your own FIMO® Fairy Garden
  • Make your own FIMO® Fairy Garden
  • Make your own FIMO® Fairy Garden
  • Make your own FIMO® Fairy Garden
  • Make your own FIMO® Fairy Garden
  • Make your own FIMO® Fairy Garden

Let children’s imagination take shape in a miniature world of magic and mystery...

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Children will love using FIMO soft polymer modelling clay to make colourful butterflies, fairy flowers and spotty mushrooms. FIMO models arranged with real plants and other natural objects like bark, moss and pebbles create a magical garden world!

You need:

  • FIMO soft - (33) Brilliant Blue, (22) Raspberry, (10) Lemon
  • FIMO effect – (602) Glitter Purple, (04) Nightglow
  • A modelling tool
  • A pencil
  • A small rolling pin
  • FIMO accessories mini shaped cutters
  • Cookie cutters – butterfly and flower shapes
  • Baking tray or ceramic tile
  • Thin garden wire
  • Clear all-purpose glue
  • A garden trowel
  • Potting compost
  • A large shallow plant pot or seed tray
  • Rocks, gravel, sticks, shells, moss, pieces of bark
  • A small shallow tray or plastic container
  • A fibre plant pot if you want to make a fairy house!

Step by step

1 - To make butterflies and flowers: Knead FIMO until soft, then roll until 5mm thick. Use butterfly and flower cookie cutters and FIMO mini cutters to make shapes. Add details and patterns with small FIMO pieces.
2 - To make mushrooms:  Roll a FIMO ball, then push the blunt end of a pencil or the end of a brush into the middle to make a hole. Shape the FIMO into a mushroom and add small, flattened balls for spots. Roll a stalk from a different colour and press it inside the mushroom.
3 - Place FIMO models on to a baking tray.Bake at 110°C/230°F for 30 minutes. Always leave FIMO to cool before handling.
4 - Fill a shallow pot or seed tray with compost.Use a trowel to make holes for the plants, press the compost around them. Fill a small tray with water or glassy beads for a pond. Add stones, sticks, shells and bark around the garden.
5 - Glue thin garden wire on to the back of some of the FIMO flowers and butterflies and position around the pot so they stand up (see tips).
Arrange the other FIMO models around the garden.

Tips to grow your garden

  • Try using FIMO Nightglow for some extra fairy magic on your models! In daylight this FIMO colour has an offwhite appearance, in the dark it transforms into a glowing pale green.
  • An upturned fibre plant pot makes a perfect fairy house. Cut away the front section for a doorway, then glue bark around outside. Add a mossy roof with FIMO flowers on the top.
  • If you are using wire, cut around 15cm in length, twist a small loop at one end, glue to the back of the model and leave to dry.
  • If you don’t have shaped cookie cutters, use the lid of a glue stick or a small jar to cut circles for making FIMO flower petals and butterfly wing shapes.
  • Baked FIMO will withstand the rain so the garden can be safely left outside without causing any damage to the models.
  • Many clear, all-purpose glues are waterproof, so use this for adding gems and wire to the models. Glue should be used with adult help or supervision.
  • Glue small gems or sequins on to the FIMO models for some added sparkle.
  • This idea also works as a windowsill or indoor garden.
  • Small succulents and plants that don’t grow too large are perfect for a miniature garden.
  • FIMO soft needs to be hardened in an oven for 30 minutes at 110°C/230°F. FIMO soft is suitable for children aged 8+.

Finding FIMO

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