It’s over to HUE!

  • It’s over to HUE!

The visualiser and document camera that’s so affordable at £44.95 + VAT you can have one in every classroom.

HUE HD Pro cameras are intuitive and versatile resources that are at home in any classroom. They are nosey, they love to be in the thick of the action and they are great at multitasking.

Using HUE Intuition software they can also be transformed into visualisers and document cameras with a variety of exciting uses across the curriculum.

As every teacher knows, ‘capturing the moment’ in a busy classroom is what really counts especially when it comes to assessing what children know, what they don’t know and what they partly know.

But that’s no easy task and those magic moments can easily slip through your fingers, get forgotten or just go unnoticed.

This is where HUE cameras come to the rescue.

HUE HD Pro cameras are perfect partners in the classroom for grabbing real-time formative and summative assessment evidence because they see and collect what children do and say as it happens so that important milestones are never lost.

It’s also a great way to share a good piece of work (WAGOLL). With the HUE camera you can take a piece of work from a pupil and immediately show it to a whole class, perhaps highlighting particular features or small details of the work.

It can harness the power of feedback to increase learning, by ensuring that feedback causes cognitive rather than an emotional reaction.

The HUE Intuition software allows you to record what’s happening ‘live’ and go back to it later for review. These videos can be replayed via your laptop or interactive whiteboard or embedded on a website or blog.

What does HUE say when it comes to assessing oracy?

“Spoken language is ephemeral, context bound and capturing a discussion may change its nature” (Mercer, 2018). But the fun design of HUE cameras makes them very user-friendly and they can be set up to capture natural conversations without being intrusive.

Some schools use video to help pupils review and evaluate their interactions in lessons by setting up talk activities as illustrated in the report ‘The State of Speaking in Our Schools: Oracy in English Schools’.

Pupils play back their video to self and peer assess in terms of how they used eye contact, how they contributed, debated, reasoned and argued. This gives teachers plenty of information themselves to build-on too.

Clearly, HUE can play its part in developing high-quality oracy opportunities where pupils learn through talk and to talk and as ‘The State of Speaking in Our Schools’ says, “visualisers help pupils engage in detailed discussion about strengths and areas for development.”

Another highly practical way to use HUE HD Pro cameras is for capturing more formal test information such as short, light-touch objective assessments.

For example, the HUE camera can be an invaluable way of recording children’s responses as part of administering the phonics screening check by allowing teachers to have a permanent record of how children performed and how they can be helped to improve. This information could form part of a child’s assessment record and be shared with parents and colleagues.   

“The teacher that initially used the visualiser used it for maths and English lessons with Year 5 and 6 and was able to model shape drawing while the children could see clearly what she was doing and how she was moving the equipment. In terms of English she was able to annotate a piece of writing with the children while they watched and discussed it therefore making the experience hands on without the need for photocopying. The staff plan to use the visualisers to enhance English and maths lessons as well as other curriculum areas from Reception to Year 6. Your product is easy to use, reliable and great value for money.”

Jacqui Wilson, Headteacher, Flimby Primary School

“We use HUE’s HD Pro Cameras in every class in the school and have been impressed by their versatility and quality. The cameras are excellent as visualisers in the classroom or for small groups to use when creating their own animations. The software also allows teachers or children to make short videos of their work or a demonstration of a method in maths for example. These can then be uploaded to a school website or VLE. We highly recommend the HUE HD Pro Camera to all schools.”

Phillip Hedger, Cheam Park Farm Junior

Here’s what Niamh from the Irish Primary Teacher blog had to say about how she’s using the camera in her classroom.

Pie Corbett