HUE HD Pro Camera

  • HUE HD Pro Camera

A lightweight, portable document camera and visualiser to enhance your teaching...

At a glance

  • A lightweight, portable document camera and visualiser
  • Full 360° rotation and integrated USB microphone
  • Built-in LED lights for illuminating your teaching
  • Perfect for viewing a full A4 page
  • Comes with its own specially designed software

When you’ve got something to show and you need everyone to see then a rugby scrum around your demo table isn’t the best way.

What you could do though is invest in something that removes the pushing and shoving and “I can’t see!” problem and getting yourself a visualiser like the HUE HD Pro Camera.

This is a visualiser with a clever head, neck and base that seamlessly joins teaching, learning and assessment together and a very affordable bit of kit that can be used flexibly across a range of tasks from shared reading to CPD.

You can use it for ‘How to…’ demonstrations so children can clearly see the steps involved in a process and is particularly good for close-up or microscopic work.

The recording feature means that teaching isn’t lost and so allows you to replay the action as many times as you like so children can repeat and go back to learn and re-learn.

This makes the HUE HD Pro the ideal tool for spaced learning and revisiting knowledge and building memory for improved recall. It also makes you a more efficient teaching machine and that’s good for your well-being.

It can do this because HUE HD Pro comes with HUE Intuition, classy software for going the extra mile. This allows you to record video and sound, annotate images and save, take photos and take multiple images over time too such as time-lapse photography of weather changing or eggs hatching.

For assessment for learning purposes the HUE HD Pro is a great tool because you can take formative photos of children’s work and so collect evidence of their learning in the moment and on the go as it happens. You could use it for sharing work and showing ‘What a good one looks like’ (WAGOLL) and annotate work to assist with feedback.

If you wanted to you could also use the camera to connect with other schools around the country or across the world for live video conferencing of teaching and learning.

The HUE HD Pro is a delightful device to use that is so intuitive and could easily be integrated into whatever you are doing. Its reach extends as a tool for giving best practice professional demonstrations to colleagues as part of staff training or it could be used for recording your own teaching and sharing with mentors and coaches.

One of the most exciting uses of a HUE HD Pro is for doc-casting and gives children glorious opportunities to create their own instructional videos and demonstrate their learning to others via a school website or sent as a link to parents.

I have no hesitation in recommending the HUE HD as a core teaching tool because it brings learning to life, promotes class-wide participation and genuinely makes an impact and makes a visible difference.

The HUE HD Pro is available in black, blue, red, or green and is very competitively priced at £44.95 + VAT.


  • Makes classroom management easier by projecting teaching and learning moments
  • Great for live marking and peer assessment
  • Supports a formative way of working to capture children’s learning
  • Promotes access to information and secures whole class inclusion
  • Adds real value to your teaching and learning

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Reviewed by John Dabell

Pie Corbett