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  • Become a VSO volunteer

A life-changing experience to volunteer overseas and change lives of those most in need

Have you ever wondered how much impact your professional skills can have on the ones most in need?

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is looking for experienced teachers like you to join its education programmes across Asia and Africa.

VSO is the world’s leading international development charity that works through volunteers and partners to create long-lasting change in some of the poorest regions across the globe.

From VSO, you’ll get something few other volunteering organisations offer: a life-changing opportunity to have a long-lasting impact on people’s lives while enjoying support every step of the way.

VSO provides a support package which includes a living allowance, accommodation, medical cover, travel expenses, in-country training and support with resettlement after your placement.

This year VSO is launching a five-year programme called Building Learning Foundations (BLF) to help four million children with foundational skills in English and Mathematics. The programme is upskilling 34,000 elementary school teachers and building the capacity of school leaders in 2,600 schools.

Although nearly all Rwandan children are enrolled in primary school, many leave without reaching a decent level of functional literacy and numeracy. The Building Learning Foundations programme is working to improve education for all, ensuring no child is left behind.

Most Rwandan classrooms are basic, with only a chalkboard at the front, rows of wooden desks, and limited teaching and learning resources. Many teachers are unqualified, and are often faced with large classes – sometimes with up to 60 pupils – making it difficult for them to engage every child.

Through the Building Learning Foundations (BLF) programme, VSO is working with schools, teacher training colleges and the Rwandan Government to overcome these challenges and improve the quality of primary and pre-primary education across the country.

The charity is looking for professionals with practical experience in early childhood education, kindergarten and/or primary education.

Applications are open now, so if you’re interested in an opportunity to improve lives and gain unforgettable experiences, they’d love to hear from you.

Thank you.

Apply now: Volunteer role: Education Literacy and Numeracy Adviser

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Pie Corbett