Make your class Data Champions with Barefoot

  • Make your class Data Champions with Barefoot

Teaching Computing through cross-curricular PE, Maths and Geography

by Jane Waite

Finding the right lesson plan material to support the teaching of computing can be difficult. Resources can be hard to understand, disjointed from other subjects and it may be challenging to explain their intent, implementation and impact.

Barefoot computing resolves these issues as it is written by teachers, activities are embedded in cross-curricular contexts, underpinned by research and learning objectives are concept-driven.

Barefoot Computing is here to help you deliver the primary computing curriculum brilliantly, save you time and build your confidence.

As well as learning about algorithms and how to program, the computing curriculum requires pupils to work with data. Barefoot Computing has developed a series of resources which help primary teachers understand and introduce data fundamentals in a sport themed context.

In Colourful Kits for 5-7 year olds, pupils start by spotting simple data attributes of colours and patterns in flags and then use these to design colourful kits for athletes from around the world.

Combining Geography, PE and Computing in a fun and creative activity, pupils start to learn the basics of data - which is about ‘attributes’.

Pupils create colourful kits combining data attributes
(colours and patterns) spotted from flags

Data Dash for 7-9 year olds, introduces pupils to a data modelling process and the key concepts of data values and calculated data.

Pupils collect data, (the time to run a distance), and use spreadsheets to calculate new values, (their speed), to answer questions on how fast the class has run.

Mathematical links are strong in this activity, with pupils using tables and solving multi-step measurement problems using time and distance.

Pupils collect data, ready to analyse it using spreadsheets.

Both activities carefully introduce core data vocabulary in fun active lessons. Rhymes, posters, activity cards, worksheets, starter files and presentations support the learning.

Intent, implementation and impact are built into the units of work through clearly defined concept-driven learning objectives and embedded assessment.

Not only have Barefoot produced new data specific resources, they have also decided to kick start data learning by running a fabulous 2020 sport themed prize draw where schools can win a visit from Clare Balding at their school assembly.

Be quick off the mark and get your school moving along its data journey by:

  • Demystifying data concepts by reading the free Barefoot data concepts leaflet
  • Teaching the free Barefoot Colourful Kits or Data Dash lessons
  • Entering the Barefoot Data Champions prize draw

Get involved in the data movement by downloading the resources from

Supporting teachers

Developed by teachers and backed by research, Barefoot helps boost teachers subject knowledge, save them time and bring computing to life in the classroom.

As part of BT’s Skills for Tomorrow, Barefoot is supporting teachers to give 5 million kids the tech skills they need to thrive by 2025. BT is working in partnership with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, which backs the teachers’ network, Computing at School.

Need help getting started with Barefoot? Request a free CPD workshop today. Delivered in your school and led by a trained volunteer, bringing Barefoot into your classroom couldn’t be easier. Find out more here.

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