Tuishi Pamoja

  • Tuishi Pamoja
  • Tuishi Pamoja
  • Tuishi Pamoja
  • Tuishi Pamoja

A vibrant new musical set in Africa. KS2

‘Tuishi Pamoja’ is Swahili for ‘we want to live together’. This story celebrates diversity and highlights the importance of accepting those who are different from us.

Are stripes really stupid? And is it true that you can’t talk sense with animals that have spots? These are important questions for the young giraffe and zebra, Raffi and Zea, who appear to want to be friends, despite warnings from their parents.  For years their herds have lived side by side, but each group considers the other worthless. When lions attack, Raffi and Zea are separated from their herds, but with the help of some smart meerkats they learn to be friends and return to their herds to ‘face the music’. Great dance opportunities.

‘Tuishi Pamoja’ was first published in Germany where it has been a great success in over 2000 schools and theatre groups.

Director’s Pack - £36.99 (incl. Director’s book with script, score & lyrics, enhanced CD with vocal demos, instr. backing tracks and printable files of children’s script, lyrics and programme template.)

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Pie Corbett