Reader Offer: 25% OFF Apex Maths

  • Reader Offer: 25% OFF Apex Maths

Primary Maths products for ages 5-11

Apex Maths DVD-ROM - Exclusive Reader Offer!

The Apex Maths DVD-ROMs and books offer extension and enrichment for all through problem solving and mathematical investigations.
Through a series of stimulating problems, Apex Maths enables every child to develop their thinking skills and attain a higher level of mathematical achievement. The Apex Maths Word Problem DVD-ROMs contain an extensive database of ‘story’ problems to create high-quality worksheets with interactive whiteboard versions if needed. The word problems can be selected according to level of complexity, mathematical operation and topic, allowing teachers to create activity sheets tailored to the needs of individual pupils. The Apex Maths books provide 30 fully differentiated problems for each year, which can fit naturally into your maths planning. Class plenaries and background mathematical support for teachers are included.

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Perfect Times DVD-ROM

A collection of stimulating and challenging maths games.
Perfect Times DVD-ROM (UK edition) is a collection of stimulating and challenging maths games designed to develop multiplication and division skills as well as recognition of multiples, factors and number sequences (squares, cubes and triangle numbers). There are three different games on the disc, each with a number of variations.

Perfect Times DVD-ROM (UK edition) can be used across a network so many players can develop their numerical skills simultaneously. Players can see their own progress and a teacher can see their pupils’ results.

Extensive teacher support is provided

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