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Computing Assessment Tasks


Computing Assessment Tasks

Now that schools have embedded the new computing curriculum, it’s an ideal time to check that children have fully grasped concepts for every topic – that’s why we’ve created Computing Assessment Tasks.

How will these tasks help my school?

Computing Assessment Tasks

Available for Years 1 to 6, these tasks help teachers to:
•   assess prior learning with diagnostic checklists
•   check knowledge and application skills with written and practical tasks for each topic
•   identify areas of weakness that may require additional support.
Topics covered include: problem-solving, programming, logical thinking, searching, creating content, digital literacy, online safety and using IT beyond school.
All questions are also available to download as individual slides for projecting on to the whiteboard.

An interview with the authors
When asked about the development of the resource, co-author Becca Law explained:
“Much of our focus throughout the development of these tasks was to ensure the content was accessible, engaging and contextually sound, and allowed all pupils to achieve, regardless of their abilities….The way the computing curriculum is delivered varies hugely between primary schools and so we hope this resource will provide the flexibility needed for all teachers in delivering computing assessment.”
John Woollard, also on the author team, outlined the principles underpinning the approach to assessment within the resource:
“There are a few basic principles underpinning the approach to assessment in Computing Assessment Tasks:
•   Assessment is for learning but also supports teaching.
•   Assessment is about what children know, understand and can do.
•   Assessment reveals children’s attitudes and social engagement in the subject.
•   Assessment should be made through naturally-occurring classroom activities.
•   Assessment is not about levels. “
You can read John’s full article on how the resource supports teachers in the classroom on the Rising Stars blog here.
You can also download a FREE sample here.

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