Talk Maths apps, Pearson

Talk Maths, from Pearson, is a collection of fun iPad apps for primary school children to use in the classroom. They’re designed for pairs of children using iPads in school and perfect for getting children talking about maths and working together to solve problems. The apps are available for Years 4, 5 and 6 and within each app there are four differentiated games to choose from. At only £3.99 per app they’re a fantastic, affordable way of turbo-charging your maths lessons and getting kids excited about maths! 

Our Verdict

John Dabells's Verdict.

Pearson has three excellent maths apps devoted to collaborative problem solving that will improve children’s speaking and listening skills. Each of the apps has four games to choose from and these are differentiated at four levels of difficulty. The level of challenge is excellent and right on the mark for developing children’s maths thinking and vocabulary.The ‘dominoes’ game is particularly thought-provoking as domino placement has to obey certain rules, such as ‘the product of touching ends is even’ or ‘the product of touching ends is a multiple of 6’. This game would combine well with real dominoes.

Other games include ‘marble run’,which involves adjusting a function machine to make a target number; ‘number sums’, which asks children to make the
sides of a triangle add to a specified total;and ‘mystery number’, a process of elimination in which pupils follow clues to identify an unknown number. Pearson quite rightly enjoys an envied reputation for producing maths products of quality and this doesn’t disappoint. This is the app for helping children become versatile maths thinkers and confident maths speakers. There is challenge here by the bucketful. At the moment you can only buy games for Years 4, 5 and 6, but hopefully more will follow for other year groups and the topic areas will grow and grow.

Search “Talk Maths” in the iTunes store or visit to find out more.

Pie Corbett