RM Easimath

Based on the very popular RM Maths software already used in schools, RM Easimaths is a web-based treasure trove of over 6,000 personalised maths activities designed to help children of all abilities, from ages 5-11, build on their mental fluency in a range of number experiences. The finely-graded activities range from simple to advanced, covering sub level 1C through to sub level 5A.

There are nine topic areas through which children progress, but they are prevented from racing ahead to ensure essential skills are attempted first. The activities are short and sweet, so several different tasks can be completed and thus guard against children getting bogged down with one particular problem or topic. As pupils answer activities correctly, they are taken to a new task. If they get an answer wrong they get two more chances, but if they don’t succeed they are presented with the answer and explanation and then taken onto a new activity without losing face. You can use the activities for whole-class, group or individual tuition.

My first thumbs up is given to the interface because RM Easimaths is populated by a cast of bright and breezy characters. They are delightful. Children will love to help Swing, Snap, Squirt, Scuba and Stripe get unstuck and solve problems.

My second thumbs up is given to the way in which RM Easimaths personalises learning. As children interact with the activities, data is continuously collected, which means difficulty levels are automatically adjusted to match the personal needs of each pupil. This ensures you can keep tabs on individual performance via the Teacher Dashboard and that children are working at the correct level, thus making support tactical and strategic. That’s clever. 

I’m running out of thumbs, so it’s time for a big toe. Because this is a web-based program, activities can be accessed at home or wherever you might happen to be online – on a mobile device in the back of a car, for instance. Parents can buy their own access for £34.99, which is decent pricing for a year. 
Anything not to like? What about the new curriculum? I hope the changes can be incorporated. As this is a web-based solution to maths, updates shouldn’t be a problem, but these will need to be addressed to convince purchasers of its efficacy. I’d also like to see other areas of the maths curriculum covered beyond number – although we’re assured that new topics including area, 2D shapes and data handling will be available from September.

Our Verdict

Personal learning made easy

If you are looking for an enjoyable, little and often maths attack with personalisation at its heart, then RM Easimaths hits the spot. The teacher set up and administration is simple, it has great content, is fun to use, and there is plenty to have a go at. I think RM Easimaths is something you could easily integrate into your maths provision. With continued use and careful monitoring, children will reap some impressive benefits. It doesn’t have to synchronise with what you are doing in class, but could simmer away in the background quite nicely.

Pie Corbett