Maths-Whizz™ is Whizz Education’s award-winning* online provider of maths tuition for 5 to 13 year olds. Used in schools throughout the UK and the rest of the world, Maths-Whizz™ is aimed at parents, students, teachers and is even suitable for central procurement and deployment.

For schools,the Maths-Whizz™ Tutor can offer an enormous amount of support and inspiration through interactive maths lessons, tailored learning environments, games, toys and fun adventure activities. It follows the follows the new National Curriculum and comes with over 1,200 exercises and worksheets, each with a bubbly animation that explains the teaching objective.

The lessons are bright and breezy, bursting with colour and contain excellent sound effects. Each lesson delivers about 10 questions. The visuals have been carefully constructed. They are all clear and friendly and dovetailed to children’s level of sophistication and key stage. The software is very impressive indeed and truly interactive. The Interactive Board contains everything you would need to furnish any maths lesson. There are visuals for 2D and 3D shapes, coins, fractions, graphs, numbers, and some excellent tools such as protractors, dice, and calculators.

The materials are highly engaging, concepts are explained clearly and pupils will be queuing up to have a go. I can see how children would become hooked on maths after using these resources and motivated to do more. I can also see children advancing quickly in a short space of time with continued use.

Learner tracking is an integral part of Maths-Whizz™ and you can follow school, year, class and individual performance at a glance. It is easy to compare topics, pupil performances and use report data to plan lessons. This type of tracking would be perfect for sharing at parents’ evenings. Parents can even monitor their child’s progress through their own account page if they pay a subscription, although not every parent will be in a position to do that.

Boosting maths ability and confidence doesn’t come easily or cheaply, and you will need deep pockets to buy into the resources from Reception to year 8. But you have to weigh up the cost against what children and staff will get out of the resources. It might swallow your budget but think long-term and it could pay off. 

A number of leading educationalists have helped to develop Maths-Whizz™ covering the entire maths curriculum from Reception to Year 8. However, during the review, I spotted a few inaccuracies within the content (for example, within the children’s maths dictionary section) and this needs addressing.

* (Including Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2012, Education Resources Awards: Exporter of the Year 2013, Bett Awards: Best Maths Software KS1 and KS2 2006)

Our Verdict

Simply the best

This is easily the best service on the market and well worth considering. Maths-Whizz™ has been described as ‘revolutionary’ and I think it probably is.

Pie Corbett