Time to reflect

  • Time to reflect

A student has created an innovative 'mirror' to help teach primary school children numeracy, literacy and role-playing games.

Mike Saxton of Middlesex University used Augmented Reality (AR) to create ‘Guubes’ – a learning tool which transforms computer screens or classroom whiteboards into a ‘magic mirror’. Computer graphics can then be layered on top of the display, allowing children to see themselves alongside animals, monsters, numbers and more.

Comprising a series of learning games aimed at KS1 students, Guubes requires children to move a printable, easy-to-make box in front of a webcam, with an image then being overlaid onto the box and within the ‘reflection’ displayed on-screen. Games involve counting teeth and lining up animals in size order, amongst other exciting and educational tasks, and there’s even a Guubes avatar creator to facilitate the creation of personalised characters.

The scalable learning tool, which Mike is continuing to develop, is available free for use in schools and at home and requires no additional software. Visit www.guubes.com to give it a go!

Pie Corbett