Oxford Owl – Best BETT

Oxford Owl received industry recognised plaudits at the BETT show

As we all recover after BETT some people in attendance went home with more than sore feet. Oxford University Press’ free parent website, Oxford Owl, won the Digital Collections and Resource Banks award from BETT.

Launched in 2011 the site has become one of the most popular parent support websites, both within the UK and around the world.  The website has been designed with teachers and parents to provide advice and simple, but effective ideas for parents to help with their children’s learning at home.

Aside from FREE eBooks for parents to share with their child, Oxford Owl has a wealth of expert advice, support and information for parents. This includes ideas for motivating boys to read, top tips for keeping up with reading in the holidays, fun ways of integrating reading into everyday life and a whole host of games and activities for children to enjoy.

Last term saw the website grow to include Oxford Owl Maths which is packed full of advice and ideas for getting children aged 3-7 interested in maths at home. As well as reading support up to age 11 with top tips and handy book lists to help parents and their children choose the right books for them.

Rod Theodorou, Primary Business Director, Oxford University Press : “Parental engagement is proven to be a huge contributing factor to children’s learning success and so we are delighted that Oxford Owl - our FREE parent support website has also been recognised by BETT.  Since its launch in early 2011, it has become the most popular, teacher-endorsed website to support parents with their child’s learning.  With over 250 free eBooks, hundreds of fun activities, expert advice and practical tips for reading and maths in the primary years, it’s truly unique. We’re absolutely committed to providing both teachers and parents with free support when they need it most and look forward to continuing to develop Oxford Owl as part of this mission.”

Pie Corbett