History Boys (and Girls)

The History Association launch their annual writing competition for Y6 pupils

Looking to engage Y6 pupils on two levels the Historical Association has launched its historical fiction writing competition for 2012. Encouraging children to write creatively the competition requires entrants to set their stories in a real historical time and place. Entrants are free to choose their specific era meaning it can be tailored to suit any historical teaching topic.

Entry is free but is limited to three stories per school and any submitted story must come illustrated. Entries made before 1st May 2012 will be reviewed and the winning pupils will receive a cash prize of £25 and an engraved Bath Aqua Blue glass paperweight whilst the school will receive a year’s free subscription to the HA.

In addition to this there is an online CPD course entitled ‘Using Historical Fiction in the Classroom’ running throughout February on the HA website for teachers interested in extending their understanding of using fiction effectively in the history classroom.


Pie Corbett