‘Free Flow’ PVC Curtains

  • ‘Free Flow’ PVC Curtains

Do you find yourself with a frequently or even occasionally open door?

The loss of heat can potentially cost hundreds of pounds each year in wasted energy costs. The results can be a cold and unpleasant indoor environment for both staff and children alike.

‘Free Flow’ PVC Door Curtains are designed to keep heat inside where it belongs, therefore preventing such waste and make a huge contribution to maintaining a warm and comfortable internal environment. They can be fitted at almost any outward opening door and are an environmentally sound solution.

DoorTECH supply and fit a unique PVC curtain system especially designed for schools and nurseries. The mounting rails are made from a high strength plastic instead of stainless steel or other metal.  This means there are no sharp edges and no risk of injury should the curtain strips come free or if they are removed for storage. The unique mounting system also makes the strips easy to remove and replace if required.

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Other products available from DoorTECH include Door Finger Protector, Door Slam Stop, SlideSafe and Dorgard. Call us now to speak about how we can make your early years settings a safer environment.

“We are delighted with the PVC curtains and amazed how we retain the heat in the building with the doors open”.

“The door curtain is excellent, it keeps it warm inside while the door is open”.

Pie Corbett