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RM Lightbox is offering all schools the opportunity to purchase a Textease Studio CT site licence for just £399!

The software, which has been tailor-made to fit the primary curriculum, includes nine integrated software tools as well as a searchable resource bank with over 4,000 clipart, videos, digital photos and sounds. Included in the package are:

Textease Publisher CT – for all your writing and publishing needs
Textease Draw CT – a revolutionary vector drawing tool
Textease Spreadsheet CT – the perfect introduction to simple spreadsheets
Textease Movies CT – produce exciting movies in minutes
Textease Database CT – an easy to use, multi-user database
Textease Paint CT – a vibrant, creative painting tool
Textease Presenter CT – create top-notch presentations to be proud of
Textease Turtle CT – flexible, progressive on-screen turtle graphics
Textease Branch CT – an imaginative way to sort and classify

The special offer, which is valid until August 31st, includes new purchases as well as upgrades from Textease, Textease Studio, Textease Studio Plus and individual licences of Textease Studio CT. Schools can also purchase an @home licence at the same time as a Textease Studio CT site licence for just £199, enabling pupils to use the software at home as well as in the classroom.

For more details, visit or call RM Lightbox on 01332 258381.

Pie Corbett