A simple way to get kids more active

  • A simple way to get kids more active

With 80 per cent of boys and 85 per cent of girls not meeting the minimum recommended daily activity levels

...and one in three leaving primary school overweight or obese, it’s high time we got kids moving more. Living Streets’ WoW (Walk once a Week) scheme promotes activity through regular walking, and rewards children for making the journey to school on foot at least once a week, with collectible badges based on the company’s loveable mascot Strider.

Nearly 500,000 pupils across the UK take part in WoW, with results showing a 26 per cent increase in walking rates in just five weeks. And regular walking to school means alert, healthy and ready-to-learn kids in the classroom.

Your school should WoW.

Head to livingstreets.org.uk/TPwow to find out more.

Pie Corbett