Pie Corbett’s Monster Poems

  • Pie Corbett’s Monster Poems

Allowing children to indulge their natural relish for the gloriously grim can lead to enhanced creativity across the curriculum...

When Count Graculafell in love with a Troll

When Count Graculafell in love
nobody knew what to say.
So, he visited her each night
but he kept away in the day.

She was ugly and smelt of eggs –
but the Count was blind to her faults.
Nightly, he called to dance and smooch;
they capered and cantered the waltz.

By the light of the waning moon,
to the tune of a werewolf’s song.
Gruesome, the twosome danced and pranced.
The Count was keen; before too long,

Graculatried to plant a kiss
upon her scarred and scowling face.
But her beard got right in the way
(she had warts all over the place).

He lunged with his fangs –and he missed,
took a chunk right out of her ear.
The Count felt the kiss of her fist
and the tip of her boot up his rear!

The Monster From Outer Space

The Monster from outer space
has a monstrous appetite.
He dines whenever it pleases him -
morning, noon and night.

Cupasoup and coffee,
tortillas and toffee,
potatoes and chips,
with various dips,
chocolate and custard,
mountains of mustard,
dough balls and bacon,
milk shakes -not shaken.

Sliced up turkey, a side of ham,
barbecue meat, truncheons of spam,
grilled cheese burgers, with curry and mash,
scampi, lemon and seafood hash,
walnut wedges and onion rings,
slow cooked salmon with chicken wings,
garlic bread and salads galore,
he always seems to want much more.

Yes, the Monster from outer space
has a monstrous appetite –
he’s an intergalactic dustbin,
morning, noon and night.

The Monsters’ Alphabet

A is for alligator, loose in the sewer,
B is for boggart, clutching a skewer,

C is for cat burglar, chasing a cat,
D is for Dragon, now how about that,

E is for elf, stealing the hour,
F is for fairies, hidden in flowers,

G is for ghost, almost unseen,
H is for Hag, queen of the scene,

I is for ice bear, roaring aloud,
J is for jealousy, spoiling the crowd,

K is for King Kong, climbing a tower,
L is for long-lost souls, draining your power,

M is for minotaur, prowling the maze,
N is for nuisance, lost in a haze,

O is for Ogre, up with the lark,
P is for prince, lost to the dark,

Q is for queen, holding a comb,
R is for robber, inside your home,

S is for sprite, alone in the night,
T is for troll, afraid of the light,

U is for unicorn, prowling the city,
V is for vampire, without any pity,

W is for werewolf, all hair and teeth,
X is for X-ray, unveiling the grief,

Y is for yeti, deep in the snow,
Z is for zealous, the deadliest foe.

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