Team GB and Aldi recruit Kevin the Carrot to inspire healthy eating in schools with their latest primary resources

  • Team GB and Aldi recruit Kevin the Carrot to inspire healthy eating in schools with their latest primary resources

Get Set to Eat Fresh has announced the return of Kevin the Carrot.

Kevin is the star of Aldi’s Christmas advert for a fourth year running, and he’s back with new healthy eating resources for primary students titled ‘Kevin’s Christmas Journey’.

Aldi has released limited-edition Christmas-themed Kevin soft toys, to be won in a prize draw for schools who register by 14 December.

Get Set to Eat Fresh

The Get Set to Eat Fresh initiative teaches young people aged 5-14 about eating well and gives them the skills and confidence to cook fresh, healthy meals.

All Get Set to Eat Fresh resources are packed with a wide variety of flexible, curriculum-linked content, including films, downloadable student sheets and lesson plans, alongside online content for students, teachers and families.

Each of the Get Set to Eat Fresh resources have been designed to allow you to pick and choose activities to suit your lesson, class and wider school community.

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Kevin’s Christmas Resources

The latest primary addition to the programme’s bank of free, downloadable resources, is ‘Kevin’s Christmas Journey’, a series of festive cross-curricula challenges to use in the classroom.

‘Kevin’s Christmas Journey’ sees Kevin and friends join young people aged 5–14 in a selection of 15 quick and flexible starter activities and six longer cross-curricular activity ideas that offer links to PSHE, science, design and technology, English and maths.

Whether it’s solving recipe-related maths problems with Kevin or creating their own healthy advent calendars, these resources are designed to engage pupils with problem-solving and creative tasks.

The challenges each focus on a different subjects including: food technology (cooking skills), maths (problem solving), science (nutrition and plants), design and technology and art and design (producing 2D and 3D works), physical education (active play) and PSHE/PSE/health and wellbeing (healthy eating and appreciating other cultures).

Take a look at the diverse range of festive activities the new resources have on offer below.


  • Kevin’s Christmas Journey presentation
    Use Kevin’s Christmas Journey presentation to inspire your pupils with a series of fun and festive challenges. The presentation contains a series of cross-curricula challenges to use in the classroom, inspired by the story of Kevin the Carrot and his Christmas Journey. They explore Kevin the Carrot’s story through a wide range of subjects, creating opportunities to build problem-solving and higher-order-thinking skills, alongside some longer creative tasks. Activities vary from quick 5-15 minute starter activities/brain breaks to a selection of longer activity ideas to build on the initial discussions.
  • Kevin and Katie festive decorations activity sheets
    Ask students to create their own festive keratin-filled festive decorations by downloading one of our colour-in sheets. Choose your favourites or create a whole set for the Christmas tree! The Kevin and Katie cut-outs can also be affixed to a piece of card with a lollipop stick to create Kevin and Katie stick puppets. Use these to challenge pupils to create their own Kevin stories.
  • Festive Fresh Bunting activity sheet
    Challenge pupils to create their own Festive Fresh Bunting featuring their favourite fruits and vegetables. Pupils can colour in the example vegetables and/or create their own designs.

Where can I find the resources?

For more information about Get Set to Eat Fresh and the new Christmas resources visit:

You can also share your excitement by tweeting @AldiUK and @TeamGB using the #GetSetEatFresh.

Pie Corbett