Kapow Primary Relationships & Sex Education

  • Kapow Primary Relationships & Sex Education
  • Kapow Primary Relationships & Sex Education
  • Kapow Primary Relationships & Sex Education
  • Kapow Primary Relationships & Sex Education
  • Kapow Primary Relationships & Sex Education
  • Kapow Primary Relationships & Sex Education

Check out this scheme of work for KS1 and 2 featuring animated puberty videos and over 100 lesson plans...

At a glance

  • Lessons, resources and multimedia activities all in one place
  • Easily navigable resources via an online platform
  • Exceptional breadth of topical content around relationships and sex, giving children rounded knowledge
  • Sequential overview allows for interleaving and interweaving of content and ideas

Kapow Primary’s RSE scheme of work is impressive to say the least. The content is split into KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 and comes with a supplementary unit featuring a number of animated puberty videos that can be used alongside planned lessons when required.

From a teacher perspective, this scheme of work has everything you need – simple but effective plans which document activities and discussion points; new learning broken into small steps; scaffolded worksheets and resources which are easy to download and print; insightful videos to add an extra level of support to the concepts being taught.

The videos are really effective and play a big part in filling in the gaps that a lot of students have when it comes to RSE. 

Particular focus is given to effective delivery, with emphasis on how lessons can be differentiated and the importance of vocabulary.

By highlighting key words for the lesson, teachers are able to explicitly focus on the important elements around the topic being taught.

After each phase of learning, there are key questions which teachers can use to check for pupil understanding.

These little touches show that as well as being well constructed from a topical point of view, the resources are also designed with effective pedagogy and efficient learning in mind.

Lesson focuses range from family and relationships to the changing body. What is most effective is the way in which topics are built on, allowing effective revisiting and recall of previous ideas.

The interwoven content highlights the understanding of how pupils learn, further demonstrating that this resource has been designed with users firmly in mind.

The premise is that the units can be taught in any order. This gives teachers a degree of flexibility to align the RSE content with other topics being taught at different times in the year.

This extra flexibility means that the rigidity often found in these types of schemes of work is eradicated.

Learners will come away from lessons with an understanding of social concepts such as valuing families and different family structures, creating and maintaining positive friendships, and developing safe and respectful relationships.

There is also specific content on operating safely in a digital world, an ever-changing issue that is of growing importance.

In addition, health, first aid and the changes that take place during puberty are also covered. The content encourages students to make independent choices and not be influenced by others.

It’s often difficult to balance RSE content for primary pupils, but Kapow Primary has struck exactly the right balance.


  • Designed with pupils and teachers in mind
  • Exceptionally well-thought-through resources
  • Well-designed platform with embedded videos and easy printing functions
  • Huge breadth of topical content
  • Online nature means that the resources are accessible at your convenience

Upgrade if…

You are looking for a fully-loaded RSE curriculum with excellent resources that covers KS1 and 2. Perfect for teachers who don’t have a wealth of experience in planning and teaching RSE topics.

This scheme of work is priced at £185-£300 depending on school size. Find out more at kapowprimary.com.

Reviewed by Adam Riches

Pie Corbett