The Wrong End of the Dog Jacket

  • Author
    Philip Ardagh
  • ISBN
  • Publisher
    Faber Childrens
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The Wrong End of the Dog JacketPhilip ‘Beardy’ Ardagh has a way with words; or, quite possibly, they have a way with him. In either case, the results are a delight. Along the same lines as the works of Lear and Milligan – but in no way derivative – Ardagh’s prose is a glorious, gleeful tumble of convincing silliness that never drops the pace or tries too hard (what else would a famous film star be called, but ‘Tawdry Hipbone’?) This is the fourth book of ‘Grubtown Tales’, and like the others, it practically fizzes with unforced energy, enthusiasm and, yes, innocence. Absurdly brilliant – your inner child will love it as much as the ones your outer adult is supposed to be teaching.