How to Make a Heron Happy

Lari Don

ISBN 0863158048

Publisher: Picture Kelpies

How to Make a Heron Happy

How can we tell when someone else is happy? Well, we look at his or her face and body language for clues, of course - so clearly, the heron who lives near young Hamish’s house is very miserable indeed, with its hunched up shoulders and long, frowning eyebrows. Determined to cheer up the grumpy waterfowl, Hamish begins to work on its environment…and as he does so, a drab, neglected, inner-city park is gradually restored into a welcoming, clean, green space for play and relaxation. By the end of the story, the heron still looks sulky (apparently, it’s just tricky to smile with a hard beak), but the pond where it lives is surrounded by laughing families and the whole community has learned something precious about what a difference it can make when we take care of our surroundings.

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