Evidence of Dragons

  • Author
    Pie Corbett
  • ISBN
  • Publisher
    Macmillan Children's Books
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There are probably at least 52 inspiring literary lesson plans lurking within the pages of this shimmering collection of poems by Teach Primary favourite, Pie Corbett. Every new title is not only a joy to discover for its own sake, but also aches to be imitated by young apprentices; each one a master-class in how to coax creativity from a memory, a view, a dream or a question – using form as a sturdy framework to support the billowing, bright fabric of the imagination. Whether he’s talking about dragons and unicorns, cats and clouds, or the man sitting opposite him on the 5.15 to Leicester, Corbett never wastes a word – and the unspoken, ‘You could do this, too!’ from the educator-poet rings out clearly with every line.