Livello Unlocking learning

  • Livello Unlocking learning

Livello offers an innovative approach to take your maths and English teaching from good to great using creative, curriculum-mapped ideas. Just add the personal touch, say Marie Svilis and Liz Hopkins.

Unlocking Learning

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What are schools saying about Livello?

“We revitalised our curriculum to make it skills-based two years ago, so our work is now very focused on topics, meaning the Livello modules were perfect for us. That it also sparks their imagination is great, in fact, the teachers were amazed at how useful they were! They took them through the whole topic and saved loads of planning time.” Nicola Gilbert, Headteacher at Pewsey Primary School

“Throughout the school the children are so engaged and enthusiastic. Their progress has been rapid and attainment high. For the teachers it’s a pleasure to plan and deliver such inventive ideas.” Derry Hill Primary School, Subject Leader

“It does the hard work for you, but doesn’t stifle you – you have starting points, but you can still shape the curriculum to your pupils’ needs. We’ve been using it for a couple of terms, and the staff wouldn’t be without it” Bev Ball, Headteacher, By Brook Valley Primary School

Ofsted likes it too: “The subjects pupils learn are organised imaginatively. Pupils benefit from practising and applying their developing skills in meaningful and creative ways.” Ofsted, December 2014.

How does Livello work?

The new National Curriculum provides a fresh chance for schools to be different. We know the best primaries are using this opportunity to ensure learning is purposeful and using probing questions to deepen understanding, just like Livello. The excitement in Livello is generated from a thematic approach, using picture books as a motivating springboard for learning. Many teachers have been used to this approach in the foundation subjects and science, but have found it difficult to unearth inspiring approaches elsewhere in the curriculum, particularly in maths. Using the pictures as an inspiration for maths teaching is new for many teachers. The chosen picture books provide contexts for learning to give the children purpose and engagement in what they do. More than that, they give teachers a real opportunity to unleash their professional creativity in knowing that the hard work of ‘coverage’ and rigour has been done, freeing you up to think about your approaches towards teaching and to make the learning engaging and exciting.

Feel inspired

Among the 36 resources in the Livello series is a Year 4 module based on Flotsam, David Wiesner’s wordless picture book about a boy who discovers an old camera on the beach. Finding an undeveloped film inside, he races to a nearby one-hour photo shop and reveals pictures that show a secret world beneath the waves. From this rich starting point, the module provides activities that develop conceptual understanding, problem solving and reasoning across maths and English. These ideas are clearly mapped out in an ‘at a glance’ yearly overview. Please click here to visit


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