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Free Primary Learning Resources; Lesson Plans and CPD for Reception, KS1 and KS2

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  • Destined to fail

    Destined to fail

    Statistics might show a correlation between test results in KS1 and KS2, but to assume every child’s fate is sealed at the age…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Assessment

    Author: Richard Dunne

  • Back to life

    Back to life

    Teachers are often asked to do too much of things that matter too little. But if less contact time isn’t the answer, what is,…

    Main Subject: CPD


    Author: Michael Tidd

  • Undercooked


    Has the PGCE outstayed its welcome? If the calibre of students coming into Zak Willis’ school are anything to go by, it’s…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Training

    Author: Zak Willis

  • Reluctant hosts

    Reluctant hosts

    Many universities say it’s getting harder to place trainee teachers in schools, but fears their inexperience might have a negative…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Training

    Author: Graham Birrell

  • Supply and demand

    Supply and demand

    Handing over the reins of your classroom often makes for an anxious absence. Paul Dix asks how you would police behaviour from…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Behaviour Management

    Author: Paul Dix

  • Page 3 of 154

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