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Free Primary Learning Resources; Lesson Plans and CPD for Reception, KS1 and KS2

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  • Brain training

    Brain training

    It’s said a healthy body equals a healthy mind, but where’s the evidence? Emily Yeomans explains why the Fit for Study programme…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: PE

    Author: Emily Yeomans

  • Shaping up

    Shaping up

    Want high-quality physical education in primary schools? Give them a common framework says Jim Lavin...

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: PE

    Author: Jim Lavin

  • Go with the flow

    Go with the flow

    Without fluent handwriting skills, how are you going to get your ideas down on paper?

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: English

    Author: Christine Chen and Lindsay Pickton

  • It all adds up

    It all adds up

    Taught across the curriculum, maths is greater than the sum of its parts, but this doesn’t mean bolting maths onto other subjects…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Maths

    Author: Wendy Jones

  • Walking the tightrope

    Walking the tightrope

    There aren’t so many circuses in town these days, but the big top’s enduring appeal hints at a deeper source of inspiration…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: English

    Author: Emma Carroll

  • Page 3 of 155

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