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Free Primary Learning Resources; Lesson Plans and CPD for Reception, KS1 and KS2

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  • Ready to play?

    Ready to play?

    If the road to mathematical fluency is wearing down children’s enthusiasm for the subject, it’s time to bring out the games,…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Maths

    Author: Mike Askew

  • Out of Style

    Out of Style

    Any learning fad claiming to be a magical fix-all to student progression should be approached with caution, says Julie Price Grimshaw...

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Teaching assistants Training

    Author: Julie Price-Grimshaw

  • Off to a Bad Start

    Off to a Bad Start

    The government says testing four-year-olds will raise standards, but Dr Sue Gifford and Dr Helen J Williams believe it will be…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Assessment

    Author: -

  • Should we allow schools to make a profit?

    Should we allow schools to make a profit?

    The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) is holding a series of pre-election debates that expand on key themes identified…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Successful schools

    Author: -

  • Home Sweet Homework

    Home Sweet Homework

    Teachers are often thinking of fun and creative ways for parents to help children with homework. But perhaps it’s time to think…

    Main Subject: CPD

    Subject: Assessment

    Author: Sue Cowley

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